Wednesday, July 23, 2008

lathe project

dave's 3 day project....

this is an attempt to show you just how ingenious papa is..started with an old childhood memory..downloaded to technical instructions...created out of blocks of metal...motorized by compressed air (4psi)..and tada! this incredible creation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello! i know that you have missed me, but, I'm having trouble with downloading my pictures... did i say dial up is gonna kill me:( anyway hopefully these 2 have made it...when i purchased my camera, I was vacationing at the rig with naturally the pictures are of the rig. I'm still learning all the fabulous things my cam can maybe the future holds fab photos from me. what you see is dave working the floor as a chain hand...and the rig itself....not much to tell other than makes for a good picture..hope you enjoy!! loves to all...mims

Monday, June 30, 2008

just another working weekend!

well as you know, your sister has an uncanny way of getting everybody involved in her projects...she does it with such finesse that everybody is working, and she is supervising!! friday we went shopping for party supplies...saturday to the lake for scouts birthday party,..and get this; we took the seadoos, and colton and casey unloaded...little did cam and i know that they didn't know how to start them, in the middle of the lake they floated...both forgot to put the plugs in so the doos were taking on water, and both were flooded, no chance of starting,...colton, whom hates the water anyway and was talked into this by casey, was dilligently(sp) trying to rescue the doo by foating on his back and pulling,...he wasn't going anywhere...for an hour they sat out there until they flagged a boat to drag them to shore! oh yeah and it rained the entire day! we all got a kick out of it and made lemonade out of lemons..hehe...sunday sister hooked up cam andrew and jake to tear out walls and pour concrete, on her garage conversion, i was in charge of lillie, and food...and she and i both whitewashed the picnic table that she recruited dave to build (and pay for) last was an all day affair...when we came home we were was your weekend?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

hello everyone... isn't this beautiful..i hope that this is the last thing i see each night, while on vacation.